Celebrate the Beauty of a Key West Sunset

"See You at Sunset" has a special significance in Key West

It's an invitation to join in the celebration of watching another perfect sunset while jugglers, island musicians, artists, food vendors, and friends entertain you each night as if you were a one person audience.

No trip to Key West is complete without viewing the sunset from our Pier. However you decide to celebrate, we will see you at sunset!

Resort by the ocean

What To See

Two staple performers who entertain the spectators at the Pier year-round are Dominique the Cat Man and the Irie Band

They offer a blend of comedy, tight rope, and juggling, along with the sounds of the Caribbean playing through the steel drums. World-renowned entertainer Dominique LeFort has a litter of incredibly trained house cats that jump through fire hoops, walk a tight rope, and perform a variety of tricks that will amaze and delight onlookers. Performances begin one hour before sunset and conclude just after sunset.

Evening party with a lot of people and a man with two torches

Where To Watch

Evening party with a lot of people and a man with two torches

The Pier

The Pier is situated behind the main building along the waterfront. Enjoy the glorious sunset views over the horizon during your dining experience - the perfect ending to another beautiful day in paradise.

Sunset on the coast

Sunset Deck

The Sunset Deck is situated directly above Bistro 245 on the second floor of the main building along the waterfront. The Sunset Deck opens ever day one hour before sunset.